Board of Directors


President - Mary Ellen Young
Vice President - Lois Kopis
Treasurer - Molly Bonanno
Secretary - Cathy Mahoney

Greg Hosé

Karen Laio

W. Scott Lincoln

Rachel Neustadt

Liz Rossi

Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt

Bruce Swanson

Friends of the Foundation

(a special category of membership, nominated by board members in recognition of significant support provided to the Foundation)

  • Sue Borowiak
  • Michael Cassa
  • Mary French
  • Peggie Harring
  • Char McLaughlin
  • Cheryl Prescott
  • Becky Rheintgen
  • Charlie Stroub
  • Bob Trojanowski

Member Emeritus

  • John Haine
  • Jan Kopis

Throughout its history, the Foundation Board has been comprised of many community leaders including current and past Village Council members, Park District commissioners, teachers, and School Board members.  At least five board members were named "Citizen-of-the Year" by the Chamber of Commerce ... not to mention other involvement throughout the Village.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Grove Foundation, contact a board member or send an email to the Foundation: