History of the Grove Foundation


The Grove Foundation, (previously known as The Grove Foundation for Recreation), originated in 1991 to enhance recreational opportunities within the community.  The initial investigative committee was comprised of:  Ralph Borowiak, Doug Slansky Charles Stroub, Linda Wander, and Pat Winter. Upon the committee's recommendation, a not-for-profit foundation was established.  

The initial Board of Directors were:

  • Dr. Ralph Borowiak, President
  • Ruth Powers
  • Doug Slansky
  • Charles Stroub
  • Linda Wander
  • Pat Winter

Over the years, the Board has expanded from 6 to 13 voting members. Although originally closely aligned with the Park District, the mission and purpose of the Grove Foundation has consistently been to use resources wherever needed in the community. Indeed, in the organization's 30 year history, the Foundation has responded to an exceptionally diverse set of community needs.

What sets The Grove Foundation apart from other organizations is its unique ability to respond promptly to a variety of grant requests using a flexible funding criteria.  The Board of Directors meets monthly in members' homes resulting in a timely, efficient response to need, with minimal overhead. Recipients have included children, seniors, special needs athletes, veterans, artists, organizations and the disabled to name a few.